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Netherlands Keeps Up With the Global Cannabis Industry with New GetSmokin’ Online Coffeeshop Directory

Even though the global cannabis culture has changed recently some things seem to stay the same. In fact, some things are always meant to stay the same.

And we think one of those things is the Netherlands. Coffee shops line the street and patrons can choose from menus of different cannabis products & edibles in a relaxed, safe environment. The Netherlands was truly the place where it all began.

GetSmokin’ has kept up with the times

For so many years we all sat back and listened to our friends who would entertain us with stories from their trips to Amsterdam and the Netherlands. We would be entertained by their lunches of pot soup and hash cookies, and we would think one day maybe we would get to experience ourselves. As time would have it, things have changed here in North America, and we’re seeing more dispensaries and coffee shops of the same sort of ilk open up over here. Some legal, some illegal, all heading for the same result. And we think this is great. But let’s not forget where it all began.

We Love Netherlands!

We found an excellent site named GetSmokin’ that allows visitors tourists and locals in the Netherlands to visit their favourite coffee shops and dispensaries and then post their reviews and menus for other visitors to have a look at. It’s become quite a beautiful little community, and although not really groundbreaking, it’s refreshing to see that the old guard is adapting to the new cannabis global culture, the new cannabis lifestyle if you will.

There are times when I look around at the industry and where it’s going, and I say to myself: there are too many corporations, too much money, and too much greed, plus too much b******* in the industry.

But after speaking with the GetSmokin’ website owners, I realise that it’s the cannabis grassroots community that keeps this entire movement alive. That’s where the inventors are. That is that’s where the pioneering spirit is. That’s where the passion in the heart comes from. It’s people such as these that truly make the Cannabis industry as glorious as it is.

Back To Where It All Began

The suits and ties will take this to another level that we have not seen yet. Legalization, branding, and corporate sponsorship, celebrity endorsement, and all the cultural manipulation aside, it is the grassroots, everyday coffee shop customers that really have the final say on what the industry will be like. A guy in a suit who runs a cannabis company, but doesn’t use marijuana, will be the worst kind of customer, and won’t relate to those who experience cannabis as a lifestyle.

Square Peg. Round hole.

I really think GetSmokin’provides the people with something beneficial, and they limit the amount of advertising, so it’s really a pleasurable site to visit. Therefore I will highly recommend for anyone that’s going to visit the Netherlands to check it out and contribute.

About GetSmokin

GetSmokin ‘modernises recreational cannabis use. This can only be done with the help of the users. With the help of reviews, ratings and additions from the visitors of GetSmokin ‘we not only want to map every coffee shop in the Netherlands but also collect the menus all in one place.

The 10 Most Beautiful Cannabis Dispensaries in America

The 10 Most Beautiful Cannabis Dispensaries in America

An elite group of extraordinary storefronts across the nation serve as beacons of cutting-edge design, uncommonly elegant décor, and one-of-a-kind aesthetics. They can be found from north to south and coast to coast, in just as many small towns as in the biggest cities, demonstrating just how far we’ve come in a few short years of legal cannabis. Some inhabit historic buildings dating back to past centuries; others embrace modernity with ultra-minimalist spaces and white-on-white color schemes. Every detail of these dispensary designs, looks, and layouts is thought out, tinkered with, and improved upon, and the end results are nothing short of stunning.

While we considered dozens of fantastic candidates, the following 10 are the most beautiful dispensaries in America.

New England Treatment Access (NETA) – Brookline

NETA's Beautiful Medical Marijuana Dispensary Design in Brookline Massachusetts

160 Washington St., Brookline, MA

Almost no one would look at the exterior of the historic Brookline Bank building and guess that a dispensary lies within. It wasn’t easy to get it there; rather, it took three years of meetings, lobbying, and a lawsuit before Brookline, Mass. – the birthplace of JFK – finally allowed the New England Treatment Access (NETA) to take up residence at the vacant address in February of 2016. Designed by Swiss-American architect Franz Joseph Untersee, whose main specialty was Roman Catholic churches, the airy interior features a wide stone floor, soaring blue domed ceiling, towering columns, high arched windows, and a wood-lined balcony.

Barbary Coast

Barbary Coast's Beautiful Medical Marijuana Dispensary Design in California

952 Mission St., San Francisco, CA

Exposed brick, mahogany accents, brass-studded bar stools, and Oriental-style rugs come together to make a statement at Barbary Coast. It’s a luxurious dispensary that harkens back to San Francisco’s historic red-light district of the same name, and the Hollywood-sexy space recalls the retrospective glamour of Prohibition-era speakeasies and jazz clubs. Forget the cookie-cutter couches found in most waiting rooms; here, visitors relax on ornate settees upholstered in rich fabrics, and peruse stylishly designed menus that look far more like craft cocktail lists than cannabis catalogs.

Serra – Downtown

Serra's Beautiful Medical Marijuana Dispensary Design in Portland Oregon

220 SW 1st Ave., Portland, OR

Almost everything in Portland is beautifully designed and finished with plenty of hipster essentials (Edison bulbs and letterpress printed paper products, we’re looking at you). Serra, with a tongue-in-cheek “Purveyors of Quality Drugs” printed in little white letters across its big front windows, fits right in. The downtown location’s classic, navy blue façade is as inviting as that of any Pearl District boutique or Nob Hill brunchery, and the interior is even more awe-inspiring. Simple shapes crop up throughout the décor, from the small ringed light fixtures in the window to the triangular display cases set out across the floor. Within the space, cannabis products are presented to visitors with museum-like care.

Dispensary 33

Dispensary 33's Beautiful Medical Marijuana Dispensary Design in Chicago Illinois

5001 N Clark St., Chicago, IL

Chicago’s Dispensary 33 celebrates the natural beauty of cannabis itself, with line-drawn murals splashed across walls depicting the plant and its constituent parts. At the front of the store, wide windows set into a white brick wall welcome a bounty of natural light inside, which plays well with the light wood floor, front desk, and counter display. Hexagonal cases of various sizes dot the open space, each of them showing off sparkling glass pipes and other products within.


Ajoya's Beautiful Medical Marijuana Dispensary Design in Colorado

1100 W Dillon Rd. D-3, Louisville, CO

Louisville, Colo., is continuously counted among the best places in America to live, and with Ajoya as the town’s daily-driver dispensary, we can see why. Ajoya’s futuristic counter area, which looks like an Apple-designed craft cocktail bar, feels 50 years ahead of its time; above it, circles of colorful lights glitter on the ceiling. Glass display cases let consumers peruse accessories at the counter, an on-screen menu up above displays a complete range of offerings, and budtenders pull products from an impeccably organized wall of drawers and refrigerators built in behind the bar.


Harvest's Beautiful Medical Marijuana Dispensary Design in San Francisco California

4811 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA

Imagine a cross between your favorite coffee shop and local natural market. Harvest on Geary draws cues from both styles: for instance, the dispensary thinks to offer petite metal shopping baskets so visitors can pick and choose flowers, concentrates, and accessories as they browse the cozy space. A tastefully merchandized array of brands basks on wooden shelves beneath soft lighting, and a cheery sunburst motif is integrated throughout the store.

Level Up

Level Up's Beautiful Medical Marijuana Dispensary Design in Arizona

14980 N 78th Way, Ste. 204, Scottsdale, AZ

Soothing and sophisticated, Level Up’s interiors were brought to life by High Road Design Studio, a dispensary-focused firm that also counts several other beautifully-designed projects among its successes. We love Level Up for its instantly calming interior – it’s unlikely that anyone, cannabis consumer or not, would feel ill at ease here. The front desk looks more like that of a spa; herringbone floors add subtle texture and detail, and a dark green and gray color scheme throughout lets the cannabis itself shine in custom illuminated display cases.


Farma's Beautiful Medical Marijuana Dispensary Design in Portland Oregon

916 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR

While many recreational dispensaries purposely depart from the clinical feel of medicinal establishments, Farma embraces it and redefines the concept. Smooth surfaces, bright lighting, and white walls and accents all communicate that this is a clean, professional place to be. On the other hand, comforting touches – a circular rug, informal blue bar chairs, a single homey light fixture that departs from the rest of the bright track lighting – guarantee that patients will feel at ease. Even the classic green cross on the wall gets an update – it’s overflowing with real plants.


Vela's Beautiful Medical Marijuana Dispensary Design in Seattle Washington

1944 1st Ave. S, Seattle, WA

Vela offers an otherworldly departure from dreary Seattle days, beginning in an entryway that features a liquid-inspired full wall mural of aquamarine and burnt sienna. Beyond the information desk, a modern artistic space plays the part of cannabis gallery, showing off a colorful mix of local products and, through a window, the in-house Grow Lab. A strip of rainbow lighting on the wall brings an extra swash of color to the room.

Bud and Bloom

Bud & Bloom Beautiful Medical Marijuana Dispensary Design in Santa Ana California

1327 E St. Gertrude Pl., Santa Ana, CA

There’s an unmistakable element of industrial chic to Santa Ana’s Bud and Bloom. Pipes criss-cross the ceiling, sleek light fixtures hang down from the rafters, an uncommonly tasteful neon sign proclaims the store name from an exposed brick wall, and the floor has the look of reclaimed wood. Up front, budtenders weigh cannabis out on a white marble countertop, and customers can navigate the menu via iPad. In short, the dispensary emblemizes California cool at its finest.

Did your favorite dispensary make the list? If not, make a case for it in the comments!

Trailer Park Boys Will Soon Be Selling Legal Weed


Since 1999, the holy trinity of Canadian dope smokers has been giving us Rickyisms and teaching us valuable lessons. At the moment, the company is focused on medical marijuana but are preparing for the anticipated recreational legalization.

By Mack Lamoureux

Ah, the Trailer Park Boys.

For years Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles have been the voice of Canada’s lost and stoned generation. Since 1999, the holy trinity of Canadian dope smokers has been giving us Rickyisms and teaching us valuable lessons.

Now, it seems that life is imitating art as the trio just signed a deal that will see them bring TBS branded weed to the public.

It doesn’t take rocket appliances to know that it’s probably a good move. I mean, who out there who hasn’t wanted to smoke some of that driveway hash or hopefully grab a bag of weed entitled “Green Bastard” or “Steve French?”

It was announced on Wednesday that the legal marijuana company OrganiGram partnered with TBS Productions, the company run by Mike Smith (Bubbles), John Paul Tremblay (Julian), and Robb Wells (Ricky).

OrganiGram is a Moncton, New Brunswick-based licensed producer of marijuana. At the moment, the company is focused on medical marijuana but are preparing for the anticipated recreational legalization.

That’s where the boys come in.

The Trailer Park Boys Will Soon Be Selling Legal Weed | VICE | Canada

A Deeper Look at Cannabis Entrepreneurs Trying to Go Legit

On tonight’s episode of Weediquette, host Krishna Andavolu takes a look at the structural roadblocks that underground cannabis growers and sellers face when trying to legitimize their business. Andavolu talked to us about what to expect in this episode; an edited and condensed version of his comments is below. The story emerged from my personal experience reporting on the weed industry these last few years, and a recent survey’s shocking statistic—specifically, that less (or fewer) than 1 percent of all US dispensaries are owned by African Americans.

A Deeper Look at Cannabis Entrepreneurs Trying to Go Legit | VICE | Canada

Blue Line Protection Group Secures Investment From Hypur Ventures

Hypur Ventures, L.P. is a venture capital fund dedicated to investing in businesses that operate in the cannabis industry. Hypur Ventures is creating a portfolio of companies that are known by consumers, competitors, regulators and investors as trusted providers of cannabis-related products and services.

DENVER, CO–(Marketwired – May 18, 2016) –   Blue Line Protection Group, Inc. (OTCQB: BLPG) (“Blue Line” and the “Company”), a leading security, transportation and risk mitigation solutions provider for financial institutions servicing the legal cannabis industry, today announced that it has secured $500,000 in investment capital from Hypur Ventures,…

Blue Line Protection Group Secures Investment From Hypur Ventures