Stop. Listen. Whats That Sound? Everybody Look Whats Going Round.

Mettrum Sells Licensed Facility and Partners to Sell Medical Cannabis to 100,000 Member Labor Union
Supreme Pharma Attracts Tweed Co-Founder and High-Ranking Conservative Party Member as Investors

This is the news I read first thing, as I sat down at my desk this evening.
Yes, I had already prepped myself with a schmear of the ganja, but just enough to make the news tolerable. Sadly, it wasn’t to be. There wasn’t anything tolerable about these two headlines at all. High-ranking Party Member? Labour Union deals? WTF?
What the fuck have we done? Our hopes of legalizing weed and winning one for freedom are vanishing as fast as the smoke we blow out. This is big business throttling up for a 15-year onslaught of cannabis rules and regulations and more jail sentences. You watch, those who used to get busted for cannabis, are still the ones that will be getting busted. For opening a dispensary. For opening a social lounge, for growing a few extra plants, for growing a lot of extra plants but not being allowed to be licensed for either lack of money or government red tape scenarios. They know how to keep us down don’t they. None of what is happening is any different from how it was before. Different rules though. And this time they are not our own. They are the governments rules. And they don’t intend to lose out. Guarantee you that.
Effectively, and I’ve said this before, the Canadian Government has performed a coup d’état, by overthrowing the weed cartels and biker gangs, without a drop of bloodshed. Quite incredible isn’t it.
What does this all mean? Well… my friends…say hello to the new cartel…the Canadian Government. That’s right. Trudeau and team have replaced the drug lords in Canada and taken the seats for themselves. And a few of their wealthy friends of course. Canada-Will-Be-The-Ultimate-Cannabis-Tourism-Destination
Let’s look at some similarities. In South America, the cartels in many ways control the government. The cartels are on the top. They pay for the roads and the schools, and the hospitals etc. And if you are in a division of town that has a cartel member living there, your streets are all nicely paved, not dirt. The people know this and thats just the way it is for them. Sound like Canadian Government kinda? Damn straight. Corruption in South Amercia? Damn straight. Just like in Canada? Damn straight again. To think that our government and authorities are not absolutely corrupt is pure naivety. You see when you are on the inside, you only make rules that keep others from getting in too. Protect thyself. Survival mode is always in play. And it justifies any course of action deemed necessary. Ultimately, the rules are meant to keep us down.
We all knew this inherently as children. Rules? Why the hell are their rules? Buzzkills. But as we get assimilated into the education machine, then the workforce machine, then the waiting to die machine (or old folks home if you prefer) we all seem to believe that we have plenty of time. Time for this or that or the other. Truth is, we don’t though. And that’s why I am again pissed off with these two titles le me tell you why.
So Mettrum is out cutting deals with 100,000 member unions to supply all their weed. Gave them a good price no doubt too. That’s drug dealing. We would have done this years ago if it were legal. That’s a whole lot of signups they just acquired.
Let’s examine where the payoffs in this deal might occur.
First, Trudeau. You know full well that suitcase gets packed first. No one even questions it. They are the cartel now.
Next, the owners of the private company get assurance. That’s a form of kickback. They get to sleep easy knowing their 1-2 million a year gig is good for 10 years at least.
Third, the leaders of the union. I am talking top two dudes. Can’t have any more because the more you include the more someone will drop dime later on when they get even a bit of a shaft.
Fourthly, the cops. This could be a lot of people though. Anyone that can charge Mettrum with drug dealing in fact. So this well will stay open and funded, and as cops realize that this is still drug peddling, they can be bought off from the slush fund.
Fifth, a bank. Not sure which one yet. But there is a reason the Scotiabanks and the Royal Banks are not taking in cannabis money, in fact they are pushing it away by actually closing accounts of cannabis companies, and we need to figure out why that is. Becaue eventually when the banks get word to open their gates they will. My bet is that they are eliminating anyone with good credit from joining in to the race for the pole positions.
And lastly, the doctors. They got their noses in there too. Makes it all look medical and sanitized.

New Medical Cannabis Regulations Go into Effect in Canada – Freedom Leaf (press release) (blog)

New Medical Cannabis Regulations Go into Effect in Canada – Freedom Leaf (press release) (blog)

It’s a Staged Roll Out in Canada. Friends first. Rest second. Maybe.

There are a lot of people who can get 100,000K financing pretty easy. Even a million if they have good relationships with their banker. But the government did not want all these people to come in and take the early easy money. They wanted to feast on the choicest cuts first. Then barfing it all back up and opening the institutional financing doors another three years from now to the frothing public to come and sort out and scrap over the scraps.
This is so bad. It’s a bogus scheme that is meant to fool us about our freedom. That we have any I mean. Freedom. Pffht. Freedom To barely survive. At best.
I am going to keep this blog going. Better turn on the ghost armour again. This flight might get rough.
See you in a few,