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$1.050 (-4.55%) CHOO:CNX

$0.450 (-3.23%) GRIN:CNX

$0.235 (-4.08%) GTII:CNX

$16.370 (6.16%) HUGE:CNX

$0.200 (-2.44%) ISOL:CNX

$1.270 (-5.93%) LIHT:CNX

$0.190 (-2.56%) PHGI:CNX

$0.440 (-22.81%) PLUS:CNX

$4.580 (-1.72%) SLNG:CNX

$1.930 (-5.85%) TCAN:CNX

$5.650 (-5.83%) TGIF:CNX

$0.475 (-4.04%) TOKI:CNX

$0.130 (-7.14%) VIDA:CNX

$0.465 (-21.19%) One of the most exciting trends in the cannabis industry is the increasing demand for cannabis concentrates. We have been bullish on this vertical of the cannabis industry and believe that this is an area where investors need to be focused. Earlier this month, Select was acquired for approx. $1 billion and this was the largest acquisition of a cannabis concentrate company to date. Over the next year, we expect to see more acquisitions like this and have been focused on the companies that are capitalizing on the cannabis concentrate market. Today, we have highlighted 3 companies that have been capitalizing on the cannabis concentrate opportunity and believe that these are companies that investors should be watching. 3 Cannabis Oil Leaders To Watch – Technical420

thumbnail courtesy of technical420.com