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We notice you’re visiting us from a region where we have a local version of Inc.com. Before Inc., he reported from the West Bank and Moscow for Full bio That’s exactly what Rob Fess, John Manlove, and Willy Wheeler are doing. The three met while working at Tradiv, once pitched as the “Amazon of the cannabis industry” in Colorado’s market. They’re now running Apex Trading, a Denver-based software company that helps growers, brokers, and dispensaries manage their wholesale marijuana business. The concept is similar to what Tradiv originally sought to do–although this time, the co-founders hope, there will be less drama. Tradiv, founded in April 2015 by Aeron Sullivan and Geoff Doran, allowed growers and dispensaries to buy and sell wholesale marijuana from one another online. After an Epic Failure, a Group of Marijuana Startup Employees Launch a New Company

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