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With a culinary background, Stephanie Hua felt in 2015 that there weren’t many edible cannabis products that spoke to her, so she decided to make some. That year, the San Francisco-based chef started “Mellows,” which serves handcrafted marshmallows infused with 5-milligrams of THC, a low-dose, Hua said, because of her lower tolerance. The marshmallows have led her to co-write a cannabis-centric cookbook for Chronicle Books that contains recipes that are more elegant and modern than the typical pot brownie, Hua said. “I think a lot of us have been in a situation where we’ve gone overboard and consumed an edible that was just too strong for us, and it’s not a fun experience,” Hua said. “So I wanted to create educational materials to let people know not all edible experiences are like that, and can be enjoyable and beneficial for you.” Hua co-wrote “Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen,” which was released in November, with Coreen Carroll, another chef based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The beginning of the cookbook focuses on the uses of cannabis, what to look for in a plant, its therapeutic effects, and how to calculate the proper dosage of THC, marijuana’s main psychoactive compound. As marijuana industry grows, modern chefs tackle edible weed

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