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“I thought it was so disheartening because I had taken this seriously,” she recalled. “It was clear he wasn’t taking me seriously.” Krista Whitley, CEO of Altitude ProductsCourtesy of Altitude Products Since that failed meeting two years ago, the Washington native has established herself as one of the top entrepreneurs in the booming Nevada cannabis market as well as a pioneer of the red-hot CBD segment. As CEO of the Las Vegas-based Altitude Products, a manufacturer of CBD and cannabis-infused wellness products, Whitley presides over a business that includes multiple top-selling brands and has brought her numerous awards and citations. Last year, her company, which employs 27 people, pulled in over $7.6 million in revenue; for 2019, Whitley estimated that figure will quintuple to $32 million thanks to strong momentum and reorder rates. Battling Sexism In A Male-Dominated Industry: Meet Top Cannabis CEO Krista Whitley

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