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Philip Morris International (NYSE:PM) had a tough 2018, as the stock fell 37% amid concerns about the company’s future. After investors had seen so many years of promising performance from the company’s IQOS heated tobacco system, a sudden halt in growth in the key Japanese market called into question the entire long-term business strategy that Philip Morris has been following with respect to reduced-risk products. Philip Morris expects to report its fourth-quarter earnings on Thursday, Feb. 7, and investors are nervous about what the company will say. With substantial year-over-year declines in sales and profits expected, Philip Morris will have to reassure its investors that it can find avenues for further growth and recover from its recent challenges. Earnings Beats in Past 4 Quarters Philip Morris has generally kept investors reasonably happy in recent months about its earnings, although there have been some modest reductions in projected bottom-line figures. Be Ready for Ugly Results From Philip Morris

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