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Outdoor Grown at Sunrise Mountain FarmsWarren Bobrow: iPhone X Papa & Barkley JeepWarren Bobrow: iPhone X Papa & Barkley brought us up to this incredible organic farm, for a most wonderful day in September to experience the whole plant in the growth step. Unfortunately, most cannabis that we see on the East Coast of the USA is in the plastic bag stage, far removed from the place where it was propagated. The aromatics that surround your sinuses don’t smell anything like what they do when you open that bag. What you smell, out on the coast is pure and refreshing. Sea air, intermingled with crushed minerals abound with bursts of Douglas Fir and opulent pine sap sticking to your fingertips. The Whole Plant. Beyond Organic: Bringing an AOC to Luxury Humboldt Cannabis

thumbnail courtesy of forbes.com