The former neighbourhood officer in Knowle West and Filwood will face a misconduct hearing A former police constable is set to come before a misconduct panel after admitting to using cannabis before she took a drugs test. PC Harriet Wood, who used to be the neighbourhood beat manager in Filwood and Knowle West, told her chief inspector she had been smoking cannabis. On April 3, PC Wood submitted a sample for a test to determine if she had consumed controlled drugs. Three days later, she cracked and told her inspector she had been using cannabis and had done so until a week before her admission. The results of the drugs test showed that at the time of testing, there were no controlled drugs within her system. PC Wood has been asked to attend a misconduct hearing on Friday, October 5 at the police headquarters in Portishead. A statement from Avon and Somerset police read: “Notwithstanding the negative drug test result, PC Wood confirmed that she had used cannabis whilst holding the office of constable. Bristol police officer admits to smoking weed before taking drugs test

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