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NORWICH — Top state regulators with oversight over marijuana in Connecticut and Massachusetts discussed the challenges of regulating a substance that remains illegal at the federal level, at a Thursday morning meeting hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut. Michelle Seagull, commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection, underscored in her talk that since the Connecticut General Assembly passed legislation to allow medical marijuana in 2012, her agency has regulated the drug with the same vigor as any medicine. “We, from the very beginning, treated this product as medicine, as something that should be treated like a controlled substance just like any other kind of medication, and we’ve really tried to stay true to that pharmaceutical model,” Seagull said. The event was sponsored by Herbology, a medical marijuana company currently planning a dispensary in Groton. A presentation by Commissioner of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission Kay Doyle outlined how Massachusetts has adapted and developed policies on the drug since 2016, when the state voted in favor of allowing the retail sale of marijuana to adults over the age of 21. Massachusetts and Connecticut both legalized medical marijuana in 2012. Business Leaders, Massachusetts and State Regulators, Discuss Legalization of Marijuana

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