Winnipeggers came out in droves to the Cannabis and Hemp Expo at the RBC Convention Centre. With pot legalization less than three weeks away, hundreds of Winnipeggers poured into the RBC Convention Centre for the Cannabis and Hemp Expo to clear up any haze they had regarding marijuana. “The goal is to educate the public and connect consumers with different cannabis groups as well as connect the industry,” show manager Kevin Blackburn said. And the public had a lot to choose from as more than 50 exhibitors from across the country showcased products and made sure to answer any questions. Delta 9 Cannabis VP of Marketing and Sales Marshall Posner says educating the public is a key part of the event. “(We explain) where to buy safe and legal cannabis, the rules evolving around and how to consume it responsibly and in the best fashion possible,” Posner said. Buzz in the air at Winnipeg Cannabis Expo with pot legalization looming

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