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Months after Los Angeles announced a potentially game-changing program designed to boost minority ownership of the city’s cannabis industry, officials have agreed to scale up the city’s cannabis staff eightfold in order to speed what some critics are calling a slow rollout. The Los Angeles City Council last week approved 21 new positions at the city’s Department of Cannabis Regulation, expanding an office that currently has just three. In addition to positions aimed at speeding the licensing process in general, Cat Packer, the department’s executive director, told Leafly that she intends to hire a social equity program manager to help spur the initiative forward. “It’s no secret that with more resources you can get more done,” Packer said. In addition to the new positions, which include accounting and administrative clerks, management assistants, and public relations personnel, the City Council approved hiring new staff at the Office of Finance, City Attorney’s Office, and the Los Angeles Fire Department, agencies the city’s cannabis department regularly collaborates with, Packer said. The new cannabis jobs still need to be approved by the mayor’s office and the city administrative officer. Can LA’s Expanded Cannabis Staff Bring Equity to the Industry?

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