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The marijuana industry is budding before our eyes, and investors who’ve been willing to take a chance on this still-illegal industry have probably been handsomely rewarded. Since the beginning of 2016, most pot stocks have rallied by a triple- or quadruple-digit percentage. Though there are no shortage of reasons why marijuana stocks have soared, the primary catalyst continues to be the expected legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada. Should Canada approve bill C-45, better known as the Cannabis Act, it would become the first developed country in the world to have legalized adult-use weed, and in the process, it will open the door to billions of dollars in added annual revenue. It’s worth pointing out that Canada legalized medical pot back in 2001, and it’s one of just two countries (along with the Netherlands) that’s actively exporting marijuana to foreign countries that’ve legalized medical weed. There is no precedent to an economy of Canada’s size giving the thumbs-up to legal marijuana, so formulating estimates as to what to expect has included more guesswork than normal. Canadian Marijuana Demand to Hit 1 Million Kilograms by the End of 2018

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