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Democratic primary challenger in the 5th Congressional District Benjamin Wolf speaks during an interview at his campaign headquarters Tuesday, March 6, 2018, in Chicago. His specific work history with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and State Department has recently come under scrutiny, with recent headlines identifying Wolf as a former FBI agent, something he said he never claimed. (Erin Hooley / Chicago Tribune)  Benjamin Thomas Wolf’s congressional campaign office in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood is adorned with framed news stories, touting his service in the FBI. In a news release last week, the Wolf campaign identified him as a “former FBI agent.” But the news release and articles got one detail wrong: Wolf was never an FBI agent. A spokesperson for the FBI confirmed to the Tribune that Wolf served the agency as “a non-special agent professional support employee.” Wolf, one of two challengers in the Democratic primary trying to unseat Rep. Mike Quigley in Illinois’ 5th Congressional District, said this week that he failed the FBI’s agent test. ‘Cannabis candidate’ for Congress touts service as an FBI agent. He wasn’t an FBI agent.

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