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State-approved Adopt-a-Highway signs advertising a non-local marijuana farm that have sprung up on Highway 82 near Aspen in recent months have prompted complaints from residents and Pitkin County’s government. “As a community we are trying to discourage use of marijuana, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs among our youth and youth who are visiting,” according to a December letter from Pitkin County Manager Jon Peacock to a state transportation official. “Clearly CDOT throwing the credibility of state government behind advertising for a marijuana business works against these goals.” Peacock also asked for information about how often the sponsored areas are actually cleaned up — some of the segments are currently cleaned by volunteer county employees — and why the county wasn’t consulted about the program when the large signs don’t meet local sign codes and are unsafely installed, according to his letter to Kathy Hall, a Grand Junction-based member of the state Transportation Commission. “Generally, Pitkin (County) supports innovative partnerships and understands CDOT’s funding challenges,” Peacock wrote in the Dec. 18 letter. Cannabis company’s signs dotting Highway 82 near Aspen are legal through CDOT program

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