(Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images) If Hollywood plans to capitalize on the average cannabis consumer, a new survey finds that it needs to abandon the use of stoner stereotypes in its productions. It seems that marijuana users, the same market targeted with the recently canceled Netflix series ‘Disjointed’, are no longer okay with being represented on screen as burned out, lazy and absent minded. These folks, many of which are gainfully employed and have families, want the television and motion picture industry to get up with the times, toss the Cheech and Chong script template into the trash and show the cannabis culture in a more accurate light. If not, the success of future productions could be in jeopardy. The survey, which was released on Wednesday by New York strategic research agency Miner and Company, shows the cannabis community wants Hollywood producers and writers to help change the perception surrounding people who use marijuana. They feel that as long as the “dumb stoner” character is being portrayed in the mainstream media, it will be more challenging getting society to embrace the scene without the prejudices that have infected it for the past several decades. Cannabis Consumers Want Hollywood To Abandon Marijuana Stereotypes

thumbnail courtesy of forbes.com