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Mature cannabis plants are photographed at the CannTrust Niagara Greenhouse Facility during the grand opening event in Fenwick, Ont., on June 26, 2018. Tijana Martin / THE CANADIAN PRESS Canadian cannabis users who have faced a supply shortage since recreational legalization will see a massive oversupply of pot, an industry expert said in Calgary Friday. The prediction came a day after Alberta’s cannabis and alcohol regulator lifted a six-month moratorium on adding new pot shops following a brightening supply situation. With so many licensed producers being given federal sanction, what was once a dearth of bud will become a glut, said Nick Pateras, vice-president of strategy for Lift & Co. “We’re going to have a dramatic oversupply in two to three years,” said Pateras, who spoke at the Canadian Cannabis Summit in Calgary. “One million kilograms of cannabis is what the market needs right now and if every licensed producer (LP) executes on their business plan, you could have three million kilograms.” He said experience in U.S. states that have had legalized pot for several years suggests there’s a temporary undersupply as the new sector finds its feet. Cannabis shortage will turn to glut, says industry expert

thumbnail courtesy of calgaryherald.com