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The sweet sickly smell is unmistakable, that and the cloud of smoke wafting above the heads of the crowds flocking to one of London’s most popular street markets. There, on the edge of the Regent Canal, next to bustling Camden Market, it’s easy to spot them; small groups of young people sitting languidly in the summer sun, sharing cannabis joints. Whether outside bars and concert venues, in festival fields, or even on the street, seeing – or smelling – a joint being smoked has long ceased to be unusual. Adam McWilliam, a 31-year-old band roadie and drum technician, is happy to admit he has been openly smoking ‘weed’ since he was a teenager, despite a number of convictions for possession of the drug. Now he is hoping to see the day the UK follows the practice of certain US states in legalising personal use of cannabis. “Politicians are finally starting to admit the reality out there,” he says as he rolls a spliff. Cannabis users smoke openly as calls mount for drug to be legalised

thumbnail courtesy of telegraph.co.uk


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