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More on: WMD When crafting a stock portfolio for retirement, there are two major considerations. The first is finding adequate passive income, and the second is finding great long-terms stocks that are stable, have low volatility, and can be relied on long term. While this sounds exactly opposite of pot stocks, there are a few cannabis companies that could find a place in some investors’ retirement portfolios. For the past few years, cannabis stocks have been wildly volatile, earning some investors millions, while losing others a considerable amount of money. Now that the industry has been around for well over a year now, and there isn’t as much buzz around the stocks and therefore less speculation, the volatility has come down considerably. Just recently, Aphria even opened the possibility for cannabis companies to begin to pay dividends soon, as it grows its free cash flow and no longer needs to invest all its capital in growth. Do Pot Stocks Belong in Retirement Portfolios? | The Motley Fool Canada

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