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Steve Berg=SB: I grew up in the Oakland and Berkeley area of Northern California, a place with strong cannabis culture and roots. It’s a liberal and diverse place not far from the Emerald Triangle, the legendary cannabis cultivation region. Cannabis was prevalent, and I’ve had a relationship with the plant since I was a teenager. In the mid- to late-’70s, most of the cannabis around the Bay Area I encountered was smuggled in from Colombia, Mexico, elsewhere from south of the border, and occasionally Hawaii and Thailand. There was lots of crappy, brown brick weed, bales of which would occasionally wash up on California beaches from smugglers tossing it overboard when being chased by the coast guard. However, there was also some really nice stuff, including the likes of Acapulco Gold, Panama and Santa Marta Red, Thai Stick, Maui Wowie and Kona Gold. Five Explorative Questions With Intrepid Cannabis Entrepreneur: Steve Berg

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