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Casey O’Neill has been a farmer for 10 years, taking his vegetables and herbs to local farmers’ markets in Mendocino County, northern California. On Monday, he will be catering to a new clientele: recreational cannabis users, as the leisure consumption of the drug becomes legal in the state. California will become the sixth state – and by far the most populous – to legalise and tax sales of recreational cannabis, completing a shift along the US west coast, with Massachusetts and Maine on track to change their laws on pot in 2018. With California’s nearly 40 million residents joining the fold, more than one in five Americans will now live in states where people can legally smoke a joint or enjoy a cannabis-infused sweet. But Mr O’Neill, 35, has some misgivings about the burgeoning cannabis industry and the influx of big money. “I have no interest in scaling up,” he said from his one-acre farm Flying high: California celebrates New Year as latest US state to fully legalise cannabis

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