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Marijuana plants need a lot of water, and indoor growing operations consume a lot of electricity (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press) As marijuana legalization looms, there’s a lot for the government to consider in terms of the best ways to handle production. One of those factors should be the crop’s carbon footprint, say some advocates. Marijuana plants need a lot of water, and when they’re grown indoors under artificial lights, they consume a lot of electricity. A study from 2012 estimated that indoor marijuana production is responsible for about one per cent of all energy consumption in the United States — rising to three per cent in the state of California. Jonathan Page is calling on the government to bring in new regulations to look at pot’s environmental impact. He’s a botany professor at UBC and the founder and CEO of Anandia Labs, a cannabis biotech company that creates new varieties of marijuana. Growing weed is not so great for the environment — what Canada can do to make it greener

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