Marzi Montazeri: The High Priest of DistortionCrunchy Western Records It was just weeks ago that I was standing in a Target smack dab in the middle of Houston, Texas with guitarist Marzi Montazeri (former Phil Anselmo and the Illegals, Exhorder ) on a last minute shopping expedition for a pair of pants and a plain black t-shirt before heading over to a video shoot that started at noon. “I gave all my clothes away after the flood,” he told me, as we frantically sorted through stacks of jeans for his size. Even though hanging around dens of mercantile is not exactly my thing – I shop almost exclusively online — I was okay with being there. I considered how many times in my life I’d get the opportunity to go shopping with one of the best guitar players on the planet and when calculating those odds, I realized that I had better enjoy the ride because this was it. But my mission was not to travel south to the land of Howard Hughes – doing everything in my power not to catch the next killer strain of airport flu — just to follow a musician around a department store while he searched for a new wardrobe. My job, or so I was told, was to document the happenings with Marzi’s new band Heavy As Texas and – for good or ill —  show some hipster editor that rock and roll is not dead. Guitarist Marzi Montazeri Discusses The Trials And Tribulations Of Touring With Marijuana

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