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Health Canada today introduced plans for the packaging and labelling of cannabis. The proposed regulations, which come following a 60-day consultation on the proposed regulatory approach to cannabis, are intended to “minimize the appeal of cannabis to children and youth, protect against accidental consumption, and help inform consumers of the risks and harms of cannabis use.” The proposed regulations stipulate that each package label must be a single, uniform colour and include a cannabis symbol, mandatory health warnings, and information about the THC and CBD content. The packaging can include just one other brand element (slogan, logo etc.) in addition to the brand name and no other images or graphics. It also has to be a uniform colour, and that colour cannot be fluorescent or metallic. Coating and inserts are prohibited. In a media briefing this afternoon, a government spokesperson said regulations governing marketing and promotional activities should not target children and youth and should be in line with those in the Tobacco Act. Health Canada Wants Cannabis Packaging to Warn Users, Repel Children

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