How ingesting edibles effects your body

Edibles can often produce a distinct and long-lasting high that is markedly different from the high that you get from smoking marijuana. The question of how ingesting an edible affects us is one that many have asked after eating a delicious pot-brownie or tasty infused sour belt, and it is one that is still not completely understood, even by many experts in the field. We will, however, do our best to satiate your curiosity, so read on, we have the answers that you seek!
Edibles, as you can assume, are absorbed into our bodies differently than smoked marijuana is. Rather than entering into the bloodstream through our lungs and being absorbed via the alveoli, which creates a much more immediate effect, edibles need to travel through the gut. This involves an entirely different process of absorption, and very often this can create a much more powerful high.
You see, when THC is absorbed through our digestive tracts, it needs to make a stop at our livers on its journey through our bodies. While there, something truly amazing happens. In a process that is still little understood by scientists, the THC from the edible is metabolized into a new form of cannabinoid known as 11-Hydroxy-THC (11-OH-THC). 11-OH-THC is essentially a super amped up form of ordinary THC, and once it is transformed into this new super-THC, the compound speeds its way to our brains. In its new form, the THC is able to cross the blood/brain barrier much more easily than it would be able to in its original state. This makes an edible high often feel much more powerful than a smoked one, as the THC is able to get into the brain much more easily.
Once in action, the high from edibles can last for anywhere between 4 and 12 hours, depending on the dosage, and many people say that they prefer edibles not just because of the more potent and longer lasting high, but also because it removes the carcinogens and other health issues that come about as a result of smoking. Interestingly, in a similar situation to the absorption of alcohol, edibles can also begin to be felt much more quickly on an empty stomach than on a full one. Without having to mix in with all of the other stuff moving through the digestive tract, consuming edibles on an empty stomach can give the THC a straight shot into our digestive systems, and from there it can make its way into our bloodstream much quicker.
Unfortunately, because of the process involved in moving through our digestive systems, feeling anything from an edible often takes anywhere from 20 minutes to three hours before it is really felt. This means that people might eat more in the hopes of hastening the process, which in turn puts more THC into the system and in turn leads to an even longer high. Users should always be conscious of just how much they are consuming, however. Nobody likes to get to that point when they are just too high to function, and as a result it is always a good idea to remain mindful of your dosages. Don’t try to rush things but eating more, just sit back, wait a while, and enjoy the feeling when everything finally kicks in.
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