Facebook would seem an ideal place for cannabis-related businesses to find new customers, offering an array of targeting techniques. But Facebook, along with other major platforms, doesn’t take ads for cannabis products. That isn’t stopping many cannabis businesses, which use various hacks to get around the bans. Some cannabis companies are paying influencers to spread the word about their topicals, edibles and other weed products. Others are working directly with publishers to use their social credibility or creating fake pages to test what kind of ad content will fly. The result: These niche businesses are playing something of a cat-and-mouse game with Facebook and other platforms, seeing what they can get away with. Cannabis company Kiva Confections, for instance, is making its first push into influencer marketing with hopes that it will sort out its own sordid history on social media. How the growing weed industry gets around anti-cannabis ad policies on Facebook and other platforms

thumbnail courtesy of digiday.com