A West Coast native with the ability to smell a legitimate cut of Girl Scout Cookies and a Literature degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz, Lauren was destined to be a cannabis culture critic. Since moving to Portland in 2013, she’s experienced working for a dispensary, running one, managing harvest and sales at a state-licensed farm, all the while writing about the legal updates, plant science, consumer trends and the emerging scene around social consumption. Her articles about the cultural and commercial happenings in the cannabis industry have appeared in Willamette Week, Broccoli, High Times and Rolling Stone, among others. Friends Lisa Snyder and Samantha Montanaro, co-founders of Tokeativity, at the Winter Solstice social in December 2017. When cannabis was first legalized in Oregon, any dreams of exhaling clouds at an outdoor music festival, in a lounge, or even smoking a joint in a public park, were quickly extinguished. The laws declared that Oregonians could only smoke at home or at another private residence–always out of public view. How Tokeativity Events Made Revolutionary, Cannabis Consumption-Friendly Lemonade Out Of Lemons

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