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It started with a few marijuana plants in the garage so he could smoke to ease his knee pain. It soon became a hydroponic weed-growing addiction that took over his entire house. But the man concerned says he’s no “Mr Big”. Police raided Jared Colwell’s three-bedroom home in the middle-class Christchurch suburb of Avonhead on Tuesday. Inside they uncovered a “cannabis warehouse” alleged to contain about $200,000 of the drug growing inside. The age of the joint: how we’re smoking weed and how we’re getting it
Medical marijuana a ‘billion-dollar industry’
The economics of legalising New Zealand’s marijuana market
Making a hash of cannabis reform Speaking from his home on Wednesday, the 53-year-old, who has been charged with cultivating cannabis and possession of cannabis for supply, told Stuff the operation started when he wanted to ease his knee pain but did not want to buy drugs off gang members. ‘I’m no Mr Big’ – man charged with cultivating cannabis speaks

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