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Cannabis cultivation experts are joining forces in an attempt to remove barriers that small gardeners and farmers face when getting into the cannabis industry. Since Canada introduced cannabis edibles into its dispensaries in October 2019, much of the ‘cannabis 2.0’ talk has focussed on edibles as a potential saviour of a legalisation plan that has been plagued with quality issues, inexperience, and an apparent deafness to consumer concerns. Now, many long-time industry players are looking to micro cultivators to be the game changer. Shelter, a Canadian cannabis products company, has announced the launch of its Shelter Craft Collective Division, designed to assist and promote the entry of small farmers to the cannabis market. Shelter Craft Collective will be helping farmers with their cannabis cultivation through the processing and distributing of their harvest, providing branding opportunities, white-label services and access to Canada’s distribution chain. Initiative launched to help small farmers into cannabis cultivation

thumbnail courtesy of www.healtheuropa.eu