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Marijuana possesses healing properties that can treat a wide range of illnesses and other conditions. It stimulates the appetite, relaxes the mind, aids in sleep, and even helps prevent cancer. Its myriad of health benefits just cannot be overlooked. It is already legal in many states, whether for medical use, recreational purposes or both. More and more states are in the process of legalizing cannabis and/or taking steps to decriminalize it.

Cannabis is an effective treatment for epilepsy as well as for people struggling with mental illness. It is quite cheap and very difficult to overdose on. You can administer it in a number of ways, smoking being the main but not only one. There are now even creams that contain THC and other ingredients found in cannabis.

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Profit Potential

A pound of cannabis can be produced in an indoor or outdoor facility for less than $1000. It will then be sold for three times that in legal marijuana dispensaries. Even legal marijuana growers and sellers can make an amazing profit. If you extract cannabis oil from the cannabinoids in the bud, it can be used in vapor cartridges and edibles. Up to 70,000 mg of oil can be derived from a pound of cannabis flower, meaning you can make almost $10,000 from just a pound of flower.

Are Cannabis Stocks Worth Investing In?

Some people see the legalization of cannabis as an opportunity for profiteers to start selling marijuana cigarettes. It’s much more reasonable to say that marijuana is showing potential for medical uses, and companies that are working on medical applications for the plant stand a chance to make a very decent profit. With that in mind, marijuana stocks definitely look like a lucrative investment. The problem with that is that the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority would not allow any cannabis company to list its stocks publicly. The companies that are trading now are doing so illegally for the most part.

Thousands of startups have been created in the marijuana craze. Of course, most of them will fail. Those gaining so far do not trade solely marijuana – they are simply adding it to their focus.

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Which Stocks Have The Potential To Make Gains?

We have selected three stocks based on their array of marijuana-related products. These products are either awaiting FDA approval or already in use effective mid-September, 2017.

Scott’s Miracle-Gro

This company is mainly known for its lawn and garden-care lines. At present it is working on products for cannabis growers as well as a number of pesticides for use on marijuana plants.

The stock dropped from around $97 to nearly $83 per share at the end of last year, but now it is moving up again. Revenues were down drastically for the first quarter of the year, but the company’s income was up.

The company’s market cap is $5.51 billion, PE Ratio (TTM): 25.45, EPS (TTM): 3.71, dividend and yield: 2.12 (2.25%).

AbbVie Inc.

This pharmaceutical company has a cannabis-based drug on the market – Marinol, which helps alleviate vomiting and nausea for chemotherapy patients. ABBV revenues have been increasing steadily in the past four years, as has its operating income. Marinol is not their only useful and profitable drug.

The company is focused almost entirely on United States markets, unlike most of its competitors in the branch, which market internationally.

The company’s dividend is 3.13%. It has a market cap of $138.69 billion, PE Ratio (TTM): 21.40, EPS (TTM): 4.07.

Insys Therapeurtics, Inc.

This company is in the process of developing spray technology to deliver pharmaceutical cannabinoids and a synthetic cannabis drug to treat epilepsy in children. It’s market cap is $694.98 million, PE Ratio (TTM): -44.47 and EPS (TTM): -0.22.

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