Baby boomers and Generation X-ers, take note: mindful drinking is not the only solution to mindless drinking I heard some gossip recently about a sixtysomething Madonna-era DJ who had to be sectioned by his PR last summer at a music festival because he’d taken so many drugs. Also whooping it up at that festival was a former pop star “completely off his nana” on booze. Which may sound funny, but his friends were seriously worried because it keeps happening and it’s not pretty. So I wasn’t surprised to read the report by the Royal College of Psychiatrists warning that baby boomers and Gen X-ers need to get a grip on their alcohol intake. The number of deaths caused by drug or alcohol poisoning among the 50-to-69 age group shot up to 39.4 per million in 2016, from 16.5 in 2006. Generation X is the first that has refused to grow up. The fact that Xers wish to remain eternally young is ironic since the cool new high is one that makes you feel like you’re on drugs when you’re actually not on drugs. It’s the lure at the heart of the “mindful drinking” movement. Is cannabis the answer to older people’s booze problems?

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