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Lucky 25 retailers to get store licences through Ontario lottery

OlegMalyshev / iStock / Getty Images Plus The Ontario government took a hard turn in mid-December, pointing its finger squarely at the federal government and supply problems for the change in direction, when it switched from unlimited cannabis retail licences to a temporary cap of 25. Caryma Sa’d, a lawyer and notary public whose practice focuses on defending civil liberties, suggests the government’s hard change in direction—beyond being confusing—represents a hard miss. “When we initially heard unlimited, that seemed like a very pro-small business move in line with what the current government purports to value. And now this restriction, it seems very arbitrary,” Sa’d says. “It’s not clear to me why 25, why pull that number out of a hat, why distribute in the way that we have where the GTA has a majority of the licences and the rest of the province is left sort of fending for themselves,” she comments. “The priority should be fair, safe access to quality cannabis and I think that’s being lost, where need and the ability of the business owner aren’t taken into account,” she says. It’s (literally) a lottery for businesses hoping to snag a cannabis retail licence in Ontario

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