The provincial government is pretty clear on its website: Cannabis NB is “the only legal retailer of cannabis.” But you wouldn’t know that from the steady stream of consumers filtering in and out of King Canna, a Saint John medical dispensary on a lunch hour in January — three months after New Brunswick launched its government monopoly on cannabis sales. Raided by police twice in 2017 — and quickly reopened — in 2019, it’s busier on a weekday afternoon than some Cannabis NB locations. Squeezing out the black market is the “main goal” of the provincial cannabis authority, then-premier Brian Gallant said in  October, a sentiment echoed by Cannabis NB president Brian Harriman. But King Canna, a British Columbia chain of medicinal cannabis shops founded in 2015, also has locations in Fredericton and Moncton, all of which have remained open since Oct. 17. ‘It’s not working’: Why some weed dispensaries are staying open

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