Jamaica, the birthplace of landrace strains like Lamb’s Bread and icons like Bob Marley, has long been a capital of cannabis culture, but only in recent years did the country loosen its laws on the plant. Now, after years of regulatory wrangling, the island nation’s first legal ganja retailer is set to celebrate its grand opening. On Saturday, Kaya Farms will be giving tours of its facility, a wellness-focused, tourist-friendly spot in Jamaica’s Saint Ann Parish, on the island’s north coast. With a café, lounge, juice bar, and herbhouse—which offers a range of flower and concentrates for sale—it aims to showcase Jamaica’s cannabis history and give guests a place to relax and refresh. “What we’re trying to do is create an ecosystem,” company chairman Balram Vaswani told Leafly. Visitors can see how plants are grown, pick out products, and enjoy them in a social setting that Vaswani likens to “old coffeehouses in Vienna,” which played a central role in civil society. Jamaica Welcomes Its First Legal Cannabis Retailer

thumbnail courtesy of leafly.com