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Last updated 12:18, January 16 2018 Nari I-Yuan Chou was sentenced in the Christchurch District Court on Tuesday. A drug “researcher” whose suburban growing operation could have produced $109,000 of cannabis a year has, unusually, avoided a jail term. Nari I-Yuan Chou, 32, claimed he was researching how to grow legal cannabis to get a job in the Australian industry, but now accepted what he did was “deeply illegal”. The Fire Service went to Chou’s rented Stanmore Rd, Shirley house on October 1 because water was leaking from the home and running down the driveway. Apparently, something had gone wrong with Chou’s sophisticated system supplying water and nutrients to the 247 cannabis plants found growing inside.    Cannabis charge after leaking house lead firefighters to house  Bail granted to Christchurch cannabis ‘researcher’ with 247 plants Police found the plants growing in four tents with automated lights and fans. Man caught growing 247 cannabis plants in tents, with automated watering and lights, escapes jail with ‘research …

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