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A citizens committee created to broach potential regulations for marijuana use in San Bernardino is suggesting the city allow personal cultivation of up to six plants without a permit while prohibiting outdoor smoking in most public places. A public hearing is set for the Wednesday, Dec. 20, San Bernardino City Council meeting. Also to be discussed Wednesday is the adoption of a 45-day interim ordinance prohibiting marijuana use locally so city leaders can review the recommendations and the fallout of a court decision to be made Dec. 28 on the validity of Measure O. Approved by 55 percent of voters in 2016, the measure – which is being challenged in court – permits cannabis dispensaries in a limited number of locations in San Bernardino. The nine-member marijuana advisory committee, created earlier this year, hosted five public meetings over the past two months, a city report states. Marijuana rules in San Bernardino could allow cultivating up to 6 plants per home

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