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Cannabis cafes, home marijuana delivery, THC-infused spa treatments. All are expected to be realities in the not-too-distant future, as the state’s Cannabis Control Commission transforms policy into regulations this week. Those regulations will govern what is likely to become a multi-billion dollar business. One of the fears shared by some cannabis supporters in Massachusetts has been that, once OK’ed, the industry would be dominated by big, deep-pocketed businesses that would squeeze out smaller entrepreneurs looking to get a foothold in the emerging industry. But regulators say they are looking out for the interests of people who, in the past, may have been in legal trouble for activities involving marijuana that the new law no longer criminalizes. “It’s a little crazy that people are making a lot of money, but then other people are still in jail,” said Kamani Jefferson, president of the the Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council. Mass. Recreational Pot Industry Won’t Just Line Pockets Of Big Businesses, Regulators Say

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