In this zero-to-expert feature, you’ll become well-versed on how Canada plans to ‘go-green.’

Picture this: you’re driving back from a weekend at the cottage with your friends.

It’s Sunday at noon, and the countryside is beautiful. Suddenly you see blue and red flashing lights ahead; it’s a roadside spot check. You kill the music.

You tell yourself you’ve got nothing to worry about. You’re sober as a gopher. In fact, you’re kind of wired on that large Timmies coffee you stopped for an hour ago. You’re fine.

You pull over and the officer comes up to the window. He asks you a few questions, and looks around the inside of the car. Suddenly he seems to get a whiff of something. The next thing you know, he’s asking you to take a breathalyzer test. No biggie, you think. You certainly imbibed last night by the campfire, but you got a good night’s sleep, and woke up feeling refreshed—the booze should be long-gone from your system by now.

But surprise: this isn’t a test for alcohol, it’s a marijuana breathalyzer. And you’ve just tested positive.

Now you’re panicking. How could that be? Then you remember someone was passing around a joint last night, and you took a few hits. But that was last night—now it’s noon the next day. What’s going on?

All You Need to Know About Marijuana Legalization in Canada