By Alyson Penn
Posted: Wednesday March 21 2018, 4:34pm No, we’re not quite as far along as California or Colorado in the green department, but the totally legal substance of cannabidiol (CBD), one of the elements found in cannabis, can now be ordered at a New York City coffee shop. The team behind Flower Power Coffee Co. has partnered with the Caffeine Underground in Bushwick to serve its cannabidiol-infused grounds for practically any order—if you ask for it. CBD isn’t known to have the psychoactive effects come with THC, the other active chemical in cannabis, but it can induce a calming sensation not usually found in, well, caffeine. Order the groovy grounds with the shop’s lattes, cortados, Americanos or cappuccinos to be, like, totally chill while grinding out your freelance work.   While these drinks won’t give you the same kind of high as regular old marijuana, shops serving full-blown weed-infused drinks could very soon become a reality in the city. With New Jersey poised to pass legislation that legalizes cannabis for recreational use—and similar legislation already on the books in Massachusetts and Vermont—it seems like just a matter of time before New York lawmakers take the leap.  Until then, we’ll have to stick to our CBD-infused coffee and monthly deliveries from our local guy for our fix.  Sign up to receive great Time Out deals in your inbox each day. New cafe in Bushwick is legally serving cannabis-infused coffee

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