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New CBD research from CivicScience reveals intriguing cannabidiol survey stats about consumer’s interest in hemp-derived cannabis oil extract, the use for back pain and managing stress as well as seeking professional healthcare advice. Since the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, much of the attention of the agricultural world has been on the potential for CBD. The attraction to this new hemp-based industry has been a constant subject in many media outlets, but CivicScience seems to have discovered that the prized cannabis oil substance isn’t quite as notorious as people believe. Before analyzing their 2019 survey poll results and stats feedback, back in 2018 CivicScience asked nearly 1,400 US adults what their CBD sentiment and behavior was as an awareness measuring stick: Now, fast forward to the end of 2019, when CBD became the best-selling natural herbal ingredient, and there is new data being reported from a firm who ‘powers the world’s opinions’. The most staggering stat of all the analysis may come as quite a surprise to those who search, use or operate within the CBD industry. Que the drumroll as this may be a startling statistic that most would get wrong on a true or false questionnaire: most Americans have either not used it, heard of it, or simply have no interest in trying a CBD oil-infused product. New CBD Survey Research Shows Surprising Stats About Users and Intentions

thumbnail courtesy of healthmj.com