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« GROWING OLD UNGRACEFULLY: The Myth of the Myth of the Flat Earth When I first started
working on northern California’s Klamath River 15 years ago, the
running joke was that there were two things worth talking about: kind
bud and spring chinook. Fast forward to today, and while weed and
fish still top the list of North Coast conversation starters, the
reality is that one is slowly killing the other. Simply put, there is
far too much weed cultivation in Humboldt County’s sensitive
watersheds. Native fish habitat is getting hammered. The Eel River in
particular experiences both summer water diversions completely drying
up creeks and a massive labyrinth of private roads and illegal
grading sites that spew deadly sediment into spawning and rearing
habitat with every substantial rain event. Generations ago, it
was the Eel River dams and old growth logging boom that brought local
salmon and steelhead runs to the brink of extinction. OP-ED: Humboldt, We Have A Problem — Too Much Weed

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