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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) — Since retail marijuana sales began in Anchorage in 2016, onsite consumption was considered a distant possibility until the Alaska Marijuana Control Board voted to approve it in December. Despite the board’s approval — signed off on by the Lt. Governor in March, skepticism remains over whether there’s a place for onsite consumption in Anchorage or not. On Monday, the City of Fairbanks voted to approve the operation of ‘cannabis cafes’ which could eventually be in the cards for Anchorage as well, but Anchorage Assembly members say it will take much longer to bring those changes to Alaska’s largest city. “We’re taking our time. We’ll be sending some of it to the Planning and Zoning Commission to review things like signage and how certain systems will have to work,” said Assemblyman Christopher Constant, who serves on the city’s Community Economic Development Committee. Path to onsite cannabis consumption in Anchorage may be slow and sticky

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