June 7, 2018, 8:35AM When Claire Firestone’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, conventional medications failed to provide much relief. She started researching the benefits of cannabis products and found that it was far more helpful in her mother’s battle, she said. As a result, Firestone, 29, became a medical cannabis caregiver, and developed an empathetic connection to its power to aid cancer patients. Last month she and her partner, James Clark, were selected as Petaluma’s first-ever cannabis delivery retailers. Around the time Firestone was caring for her mom, Clark, 28, had left his job at an elderly care facility in Marin County, and also started seeking out the cannabis industry to identify a career that provided relief to others in pain. “We were kind of on these two separate paths within the industry and realized that we wanted to build something together that had the vision we both had,” Firestone said. Petaluma selects first cannabis deliverer

thumbnail courtesy of petaluma360.com