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Feb 11, 2018-Smoking marijuana has become a norm of sorts for many people who visit the Pashupati temple on the Mahashivarati festival. Its use is associated with Lord Shiva and on the day of the festival, taking a puff of a cigarette or a pipe containing marijuana buds passed around or sold by sadhus is seen as an homage to the Mahadev, the great god. Although the government classified marijuana and its derivatives as drugs and banned their use and sale in 1973, the authorities have been tolerating their uses during Mahashivaratri. This, perhaps, has partly to do with the religious significance. And  at the same time, the sheer number of people indulging in ganja on the festival  makes one think that maybe the law enforcement agencies cannot control their action. Rounding them all up would be unrealistic, hence the sensible thing to do is to leave the revellers to their own devices, that is as long as they do not cause social  Come Tuesday, the Pashupati temple premises will be teeming with tens of thousands of people attending the Mahashivaratri festival. Police to arrest cannabis users at Pashupati this Mahashivaratri festival

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