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A lot of local business owners are shrugging off U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ war on weed. But the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is still attempting to save the state from federal scrutiny by cracking down on illegal sales. In late December, the agency conducted its first-ever round of “decoy operations” by sending minors out to pot shops in Eugene, Salem, Central Oregon, Southern Oregon and Portland. The goal of the operation was to measure the rate at which marijuana retailers are complying with the tenets of Measure 91—which outlines that cannabis not be sold to minors. “We wanted to get out [and do inspections] before the close of 2017 to let the industry know that where before we’d been focused on compliance on the supply end, we are now focusing on retail,” says OLCC spokesperson Mark Pettinger. The good news was that most Oregon cities’ compliance scores were above 70 percent, with squeaky clean Central Oregon retailers saying no to minors at every OLCC check. Portland’s Green Mile Performed Abysmally in OLCC’s Decoy Checks, Selling Weed To Minors More Than Any Other …

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