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December 26, 2017, 7:21PM After being pulled over Friday outside Ukiah in a truck hauling 1,875 pounds of cannabis, employees with a Mendocino County marijuana distribution company showed a CHP officer a county-issued business license and documents for their medical marijuana collective. Their bosses, the founders of Ukiah-based Old Kai Distribution, thought the documents were enough proof they were complying with new state and local laws for the cannabis industry, a phased rollout that began with local rules and is culminating in January, when the state begins handing out California licenses for marijuana businesses. But law enforcement said those laws don’t yet apply, and during the Dec. 22 encounter near North State Street and Pomo Lane north of Ukiah, seized the truck and marijuana, citing the driver and a passenger with misdemeanor possession of cannabis for sale and unlawful transportation of cannabis. The case illustrates the conflicts remaining between agencies trying to coax cannabis operators away from the black market and agencies trying to enforce anti-drug trafficking laws. It also shows the hurdles facing businesses aiming to survive and comply with a complicated series of fast-changing laws that began with the state asking local jurisdictions to be the first to legitimize cannabis businesses. Pot bust in Mendocino County pits legit industry against law enforcement

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