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The state tobacco enterprise is licking its lips over the prospect of churning out cannabis cigarettes – just as soon as health officials give the OK. With an eye toward the day joints are as readily available in bought convenience stores as tobacco, it has proposed production of CBD smokes, all wreathed in a smokescreen of “health benefits” because, of course, there’s nothing Big Tobacco cares about more than public health. “Our main intention when requesting a license had to do with the medical benefits, research and extracting the oils to export to other countries. but if the Ministry of Health lets us produce cigarettes, we are ready to do so immediately,” said Daonoi Suttiniphapunt, Tobacco Authority managing director. She said the cigarettes the authority would produce, if approved, would likely contain primarily CBD – the non-psychoactive compound that doesn’t get one high. As cannabis decriminalization spreads through the United States, CBD is the product more socially conservative states such as Texas and Utah have found they can support for its medical benefits. Ready to Roll: Thai tobacco seeks OK for weed cigarettes

thumbnail courtesy of .coconuts.co