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Ameri, the second legal cannabis retailer in Toronto, opens its doors in Yorkville on Sunday Ameri, Toronto’s second and much-anticipated legal cannabis store, opened its doors to customers in Yorkville on Sunday. The store is the second to open in the city and one of five licences allocated for Toronto by the Ontario government, with the Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. being the first store to open on Monday. Although they missed the April 1st deadline and some computer glitches caused them to start half an hour later than intended Sunday, the staff at Ameri were relieved to finally see the store open for business. Toronto’s only operating cannabis retail store not wheelchair accessible on opening day “It’s been a long haul,” said Rob, a store manager at Ameri. The company has a policy whereby staff only provide their first names, due to concerns of facing issues at the Canada-U.S. border. Retail staff ‘relieved’ as Toronto’s second legal cannabis store opens in Yorkville

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