Jeff Mahan plans to open THC of Yelm, his third marijuana retail store in Thurston County, in the vacant warehouse near the Yelm Safeway gas station and Rite-Aid within six months. The site has taken fire from the public and Yelm’s other marijuana retailer, Tim Cronk, regarding safety concerns. The Yelm Community Schools $76 million bond proposal failed as last Friday’s ret Yelm Dollars for Scholars raised $88,000 at its 23rd annual A second marijuana retailer plans to open in the vacant warehouse near the Yelm Rite-Aid and Safeway gas station within six months but has taken heat from the public and Yelm’s other marijuana retailer Tim Cronk, owner of the recently opened King Chronic. Cronk along with  King Chronic employee Kelsey Osborne addressed the Yelm City Council last Tuesday night to express concern of a second retail store setting up shop within Yelm city limits.  “Although we are meeting the minimum numbers that I thought we could do here in Yelm we are not doing numbers that would show us it could support more than one store,” Cronk said. Cronk said he was not proposing the council create legislation to prevent another store or a limit to how many stores there can be in Yelm but argued the proposed site of the second retail store is “inappropriate.” Cronk said in an interview that if a second store opens in Yelm, he would “lose a lot of money” and might sell the business. He said his store is doing about $300,000 per month in sales which is the benchmark for a profitable marijuana retailer, according to Cronk. Second Marijuana Retailer Sparks Weed Wars

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