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Seed To Science is a specialist consultancy that connects their clients from seeds, hemp-biomass, extraction, and manufacturing facilities globally with contract manufacturers, cosmetic companies, laboratories, and food and beverage firms, with over 15,000 kg of products brokered per month. Firstly – tailored solutions. Seed to Science works with individual clients and their specific needs, whether it be EU GMP, EU sourced, specific strains, or international standardised facilities, the client defines the requirements, and Seed To Science utilises our global network to either source an existing product or sets up the longer term process for that specific product the client needs. For example, a client wanting a specific strain can work with Seed to Science to source seeds, grow, deliver to an extraction facility, extract, manufacture, and ship back to the client. In addition, Seed to Science has access to an ongoing inventory of products from seeds, biomass, distillates, CBD oils and isolates. Secondly, enhancing and financing projects. Seed to Science: importing and exporting CBD

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